The Local training and Pilot in the field of general SDM

Local trainings

After the first LTT-0 Train the trainer course in general SDM was held in May-June 2021, trained trainers from the 3 service providers that are part of the SMARTS partnership (Arcil, Theotokos and Astres) came back and trained other professionals within their organizations.

In total 3 local trainings were held during July 2021.

-Local training in Arcil (Portugal)
-Local training in Theotokos (Greece)
-Local training in Astres Foundation (Spain)

The local trainings allowed to expand the knowledge learnt by the senior trainers to a wide array of professionals. 36 professionals from Spain, Portugal and Greece were trained.

Local Training in Portugal
Local Training in Spain
Local Training in Greece

Local Pilots

Once local professionals were trained in Spain, Greece and Portugal, between August 2021 and February 2022, they will be implementing the knowledge learnt on general SDM with users that is with Persons with Disabilities and families from their services.

The aim is that the whole community of professionals and users get acquainted with general SDM and implement it in day to day decision processes.